Marine Funding

Working with specialised UK and international funding partners, we can help with superyacht acquisition by overseeing and leading all aspects of any financing on behalf of the client, from the inception of a transaction to its conclusion.

Structuring competitive financial solutions for the financing or refinancing of the underlying asset, Knox Capital Solutions can even help manage the balloon payment of the maturing financing. This could include a loan, finance lease or operating lease along with pre-delivery payments for a new delivery.

Knox Capital Solutions manages all aspects of the process as follows:

  • Sourcing the most suitable options
  • Reaching agreement with the lender and the client/team
  • Coordinating all the interested parties to ensure a timely conclusion (lender, lawyers, boat yard, insurance company)

It is important to ensure that the most suitable financiers are brought together to help achieve the best solution for the client, taking account of the jurisdiction that may be involved.