Share Backed Loans

Case Studies

A Lombard type loan facility was requested by a client to release capital from his portfolio for a short period of time for an urgent property purchase.

The client was downsizing and had identified a new property before the sale of his own property had been contracted. The client did not wish to lose out on the new property as he been waiting for property in a specific location to come available.

The client did not wish to cash in part of his share portfolio as the cash was only required for a short timescale and the client did not wish to risk losing any potential upsides on the portfolio in the short term.

A Lombard type loan was secured against the portfolio with a financial institution on a flexible, interest only basis. The repayment of the facility will happen once the client’s main residence has been sold.

The facility allowed the client the buy the property he was looking at whilst retaining the benefits of the growth in his underlying share portfolio.