Property Investment/Development Funding

Case Study – Commercial Investment Portfolio

Knox Capital Solutions assisted an offshore based High Net Worth individual secure a £100m commercial property portfolio at the heart of the Credit Crunch, securing market-leading terms as the UK banking sector recovered.

We managed the Know Your Customer (KYC) process for a complex offshore structure where individual special purpose vehicles (SPVs) were required by the client.

Knox Capital Solutions sourced alternative banking partners to diversify banking lines across a number of institutions to de-risk from a concentration level.

Case Study – Residential Investment Property – London Residence

An ultra-high value London residence was acquired via an offshore structure. Funding was achieved at 75% loan to value (LTV) with a highly regarded private bank with flexible terms on a pure standalone basis.

Funding secured: £10m.

Case Study – UK Commercial Property Fund

An embryonic Luxembourg property fund required funding solutions for a high-performing fund investing in UK-based commercial property in the regions.

Knox Capital Solutions helped secure two banking partners to enable the fund to take full advantage of the UK property market post Credit Crunch.

The structure secured was a Luxembourg based entity managed by an Isle of Man based trust company with a complex Know Your Customer (KYC) structure.

We secured banking lines of £10m with an ongoing mandate.

Case Study – Refinance – Commercial Investment Property

Knox Capital Solutions secured banking lines for a long-standing banking client whose bankers had indicated a change of policy in respect of property funding.

We secured alternative property funding in a timely fashion on a standalone basis. Thereafter, Knox Capital Solutions secured a transfer of the whole banking relationship at improved terms and structure.

Funding secured: £5m

Case Study – Commercial Development Funding

Knox Capital Solutions secured development funding for a partially complete speculative commercial development. The site comprised of three separate buildings.

Funding secured: £2m

Case Study – Residential Development Funding

Funding was secured for a large high end residential development in a major UK conurbation. Funding was agreed at a level up to 70% loan to costs. Little additional cash equity was required from the client other than the site itself.

Funding secured: £20m

Case Study – Student Accommodation Development Funding

Funding was secured for a new student accommodation block in a key location. The ownership structure is via an offshore fund vehicle.

Total funding secured: £5.5m